Published Papers & Articles

“Gendered Well-Being: Cross-Sectional Evidence from Poor Urban Households in India” (Published in Social Indicators Research) Bandyopadhyay, S. (2020). Gendered Well-Being: Cross-Sectional Evidence from Poor Urban Households in India. Social Indicators Research, 151, 281-308.Online link:

“The Representative Agent Bias in Cost of Living Indices” with Bharat Ramaswami (Published in Bulletin of Economic Research) Bandyopadhyay S, Ramaswami B. The representative agent bias in cost of living indices. Bull Econ Res 2021; 1-24 Online Link:-

Working Paper & Works in Progress:-

  • “Widowhood and Consumption of Private Assignable Goods: The Role of Socio-Economic Status, Rainfall Shocks and Historical Institutions ” with Bipasha Maity Online

  • “Border Prices, Pass-Through and Welfare: Palm Oil in India” with Bharat Ramaswami (work in progress)

  • “Dietary Diversification and Structural Transformation Within Food and Agriculture” with Bharat Ramaswami (work in progress)

  • “Impact of Target Utility Level on the Change in Expenditure: Some Thoughts” (work in progress)

  • “What Happens to the Consumption Inequality in India in Post Liberalization Period?” with Bharat Ramaswami (work in progress)

  • “Trade Liberalization, Nutrition and Dietary Diversity in India: The Case of Edible Oils” with Digvijay Singh Negi (work in progress)

  • Impact of Climate Change on Women (with Bipasha Maity)

  • What ails public and private universities in India? A Meta Frontier Analysis (with Rahul Nilakantan)


  • Covid-19 Pandemic: Implications for Widowed and Elderly Women in India” in an edited volume titled “The Covid-19 Pandemic, India and the World: Economic and Social Policy Perspectives edited by Rajib Bhattacharyya, Ananya Ghosh Dastidar and Soumyen Sikdar (co-authored with Bipasha Maity) Routledge

  • Impact of Nanotechnology on Bio-business and Economy: Current Trends and Future Prospectives” (co-authored with Haricharan Dorbala and Sudipta Mandal). This book chapter is expected to be published in an edited volume by Springer Nature.

Other Research Experience:-

• Worked as a Research Associate with Professor Bhaskar Dutta (University of Warwick & Ashoka University) (Worked during July-September, 2015)

• Worked as a Research Associate with Nicholas Rada (United States Department of Agriculture) (Worked during February-May, 2017)